Our brand was founded in the city of Valencia at the end of 2020 by and for the modern, urban and classic man with elegance, who wants to mark his own identity, the man with power and strength in setting trends. Our exclusive designs and some limited ones give you the key to the door to a universe full of style and iconic finishes, your world, and being who you really are. Our brand logo is unique and truly fascinating, and it will be our hallmark of style and fashion. 

Prehip is an adjective that is used in reference to what existed in America before the arrival of the Spanish, the term can refer to cultures, languages, and anything else that existed prior to the Spanish conquest of much of the continent. That is why with Prehip we want to return to what is important and basic and give it a value in fashion as something outstanding, for today's generations, adding the best of before and the best of today. 

What you are